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Main Street Roasters

At Main Street Roasters, We roast only the highest quality of Arabica beans, and pride ourselves in providing a fresh product. We roast every pound in-house. Our coffee is desired by many due to its smooth and bold qualities, our standard for freshness, and also for our large variety of choices available at reasonable prices.


Amish Acres

Sit down under the hand-hewn timbers of the Restaurant Barn and enjoy Amish Acres nationally famous Threshers Dinner, a family style feast of Amish country favorites. In tribute to the generations of Amish threshers who band together each harvest season to cut and thresh, thus separating the grain from the chaff, each other’s crops in friendship, mutual aid and neighborliness.

Coppes Commons

The 100,000 s.f. renovated factory now houses a variety of specialty shops offering locally-made, handcrafted and freshly-baked items. Get a glimpse into the history of the Coppes Kitchens, once ordered by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and President John F. Kennedy, while visiting the cabinet museum and shopping this rustic and rambling brick building. Watch creative ice-cream treats come to life using liquid nitrogen, taste and buy fresh baked goods, cheeses, and bulk foods, search for treasure in our antique mall or find your next great read in the bookstore. That’s just a sample of what’s in store at Coppes Commons!